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Applications Development & ERP Solution

SMR understands that each and every business is unique and has its own way of operating their daily business. With our range of Pre-Development on the shelves application available to choose from, you need no to worry about if the system fit into your organization. All of our applications are customizable and flexible to tailor made based on your specific requirements. Check on these applications to find out more:

Land Management Online System

  • Handles and manages information about land, asset, selling & leasing track records as well as various reports associated with land management task
  • Modules including Asset, Asset Info, Land Management, Rental, Sales, JPTI, Reports & Maintenance

Content Management System

  • Manage online website content
  • Flexibility to change pictures, information, design, layout -Schedule changes and website maintenance
  • Easy to use without learning programming coding language.

Human Resource Online System

  • Handles employee information management, leave application, approval, attendance, medical bills & claims
  • Modules including Staff Info, Leave, Attendance, Maintenance & Medical Bills

Reverse & Peer Performance Feedback Online System

  • Handles appraisal entry & information analysis among peer group and manager
  • Modules including Appraisal Form, Appraiser Maintenance, Manual Entry, Report, Master Files & Maintenance

Cempaka Online System

  • Facilitates and handles suggestions or related submission of training committee and generate feedback report and analysis
  • Module : Suggestion

Data Retrieval Online System

  • Facilitates secretariat unit to manage minutes of meetings and data searching or retrieval
  • Modules including Authorization, Proposal, Meeting, Committee Member & Maintenance

Directory Online System

  • Manages and stores detail information and contact information of all staff within an organization
  • Modules including Employees, Subsidiaries & Other Companies

MasterSheet Online System

  • Manages and manipulates detail information of all group of companies
  • Modules including Employees, Subsidiaries & Other Companies

Directors Online System

  • Handles and manages detail information of all company directors of all group of companies
  • Modules including Master Code, Directors & Secretary, & Enquiry

Facilities Management Online System

  • Manages files, documents, letters and handles booking system for rooms, vehicles & equipments for organization
  • Modules including Vehicle, Room, File/Archive, Letter & Computer Equipment

Bistari Online System

  • Manages school information, membership, activities reports and awards for Tunas Bistari, Bistari and Alumni
  • Modules including Tunas Bistari, Alumni Tunas Bistari & Bistari

Training & Development Online System

  • Handles employee’s planning, charting, career path, costing of internal & external training information
  • Provides various reports from employees’ training information to costing reports
  • Modules including Internal & External Training, Examinations, Career Development, Others (On-job Training, Practical Students, Thesis) & Maintenance

MAJU Online System

  • Specially designed for transportation company to provide human resource information management, employees payroll, finance, bus collection, operation information system
  • Modules including Master Files, Operation, Collection, Payroll, Staff Info & Management Report

ESOS Online System

  • Handles information management on ESOS and facilitates monitoring system of buying and selling prices of shares offered
  • Modules including Market Share Prices, Staff Allocation, Payment, Cancellation & Termination

Staff Benefit Online System

  • Handles staff benefits information including Khairat & Prisihatin Scheme memberships for all the subsidiaries and associate companies
  • Modules including Staff Info, Khairat, Prisihatin & Maintenance

Green Book Online System

  • Stores employee information who takes part in the pension scheme
  • Module : Information

IT Management Online System

  • Handles computer asset management including automated asset maintenance (agreement, upgrade, repairs, dispose, trade in, asset transfer), pool services, notebook maintenance, service charge, application and administrator
  • Modules including IT Asset, Asset Maintenance, Pool Services, NB Maintenance, Application Systems & Administrator

Feedback Services Online System

  • Handles and stores information of internal and external complaints and job requests
  • Modules including Complaints, Job Request & Maintenance

Calendar Online System

  • Provides fast, universally accessed online calendar, scheduler and collaboration system

HFM Online System

  • Handles detail information on asset, projects and work in progress monitoring    
  • Modules includingAsset Management, Contract Management, Complaint/Breakdown, Utilities, Work Program & Staff Information           

Contact Management Online System

  • Handles and stores company’s contacts list and complete information gathered from Matrade and FMM Directory
  • Modules including Contacts, Send Emails, Mail Merge, Setting, Security & Report

    OBA Management Online System
  • Handles and stores NGO’s profile and accounts information and provides various reports associated with NGO management task
  • Modules OBA Profile & OBA Finance

BOD Meeting Online System

  • Specially designed to computerize the BOD meeting for JCorp’s BOD Meeting with various reports provided


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