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Recruitment System
The Recruitment Management System is where to provide full range of recruitment related services within the Organization. Key areas include job vacancies, recruitment, report repository and administration.

System was developed in a web based concept for convenience and ease of use. 

An important function of the system is to be laid out in user friendly mode. The new web-based Recruitment system will simplify the entire work flow process and allow HR manager to manage candidate profile more effectively and efficiently.

Using the powerful medium of Internet, candidates can submit their applications via the Internet.
With the Recruitment system, the business of picking, testing and hiring new workers is now made easier for employers


  1. To design and develop the new Web-based Recruitment system to support the work flow process
  2. To reduce paper usage as online process allows electronically submission of resumes, personal data, job applications and notifications of status.
  3. To reduces time for data entry as record filing is done from data gathered online
  4. Saves time and cost-effective
  5. User-friendly and efficient
  6. Easy tracking and screening process for employers. The electronic job-posting enables employers to track applications, list and record profiles of the applicant and evaluate applicants.
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