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Management Information System (MIS)

The system consist of the following module

  1. Performance Feedback management System
    Handles appraisal entry & information analysis among peer group and manager, System consists of Appraisal Form, Appraiser Maintenance, Manual Entry, Report, Master Files & Maintenance Modules
  2. Suggestion Quality System (SQS)
    Facilitates and handles suggestions or related submission of training committee and generate feedback report and analysis
  3. Data Retrieval Management System (DRS)
    Facilitates secretariat unit to manage minutes of meetings and data searching or retrieval. System consists of Authorization, Proposal, Meeting, Comittee Member & Maintenance Module
  4. ESOS Management (ESOS)
    Handles information management on Unit Trust and facilitates monitoring system of buying and selling prices of shares offered System consists of Market Share Prices, Staff Allocation, Payment, Cancellation & Termination Modules
  5. Calendar Management Sys
    Provides fast, universally accessed online calendar, scheduler and collaboration system
  6. Document Management System
    Designed to cater online document management system for archiving and ease of searching utilities for document retrieval. System consists of Document Library, Ratio Calculation and non-comprehensive Administration Tools.
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